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Revolutionary Stem Cell Technology to 
Reset Skin Ageing Clock

Look years…or even decades…younger!
Keep skin fully moisturized!
Improve skin tone and elasticity!
Dramatically reduce creases, fine lines & wrinkles!
Brighten complexion and reduce age spots!
Restore health glow to dull skin!
Rectify skin imperfections including enlarged pores!
Undo damage from free radicals and UV rays!
Make skin look and feel smooth, soft and radiant!


The first anti-ageing product of its kind that supplies "immortal stem cells" from wild ginseng for all skin types.

A revolutionary breakthrough resulting from over 10 years of collaboration between stem cell researchers in Korea and the University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom, using internationally patented stem cell technology.

Plant Cell Skin Solution Face Serum


The "immortal stem cells" in wild ginseng extract form the basis of Plant Cell Skin Solution, offering you revolutionary anti-ageing properties:
Energy & vitality! Provide greater amount of life energy - mitochondria in wild ginseng stem cells move very rapidly compared to those of normal plant cells
Restorative properties! Reset your skin's "ageing clock" by boosting skin's power to renew itself. Increase skin fibroblast that produces collagen responsible for firm, taut skin. Restore damaged skin cells caused by UV radiation and ageing
Antioxidants! Prevent the ravages of free radicals on your skin, which is especially important as you get older and your free radicals increase
Immune boosters! Reduce skin imperfections (e.g. whiteheads or blackheads), prevent breakouts & fight premature ageing caused by weakened skin immunity
Anti-inflammatories! Soothe inflammation & prevent skin irritation